Listed are things you should never do with an electric kettle.

Otherwise, it will not serve you for long. There are certain rules associated with the operation of household appliances. Including electric kettles. Here's what you should never do when using them. DiscussListed are things that should never be done with an electric kettle© Real Simple

Do not overfill the kettle. Firstly, because of this, water can overflow onto the heating element and lead to a short circuit, damaging the device. Secondly, due to overflowing with water, hot water will then pour out of the kettle through the spout.

Do not turn on the kettle if it is without water. Otherwise, the kettle may overheat and break.

Do not heat liquids other than water in the kettle. For example, due to milk, a coating may form in it and odors may appear.

Things that should never be done with an electric kettle are listed© kandinsky21_bot

Do not immerse an electric kettle in water. Clean it using a damp cloth on the outer surfaces. It is also better not to wash the kettle under running water.

Do not pour hot water into the kettle. When boiling such water, much more scale will form.

Do not cook food in the kettle. This may simply damage the device.