An expert explains whether kissing a cat's face is harmful to human health.

Many people express love for their pet this way. Pets love it when their owners play with them and stroke them. But what about kissing? Especially in the face. DiscussExpert explained whether it is harmful for human health to kiss a cat in the face© Photo by Japheth Mast on Unsplash

Veterinarians warn that kissing a cat, even if it has just been washed, you can’t put it in your face. Otherwise, a person runs the risk of contracting various infections. Including bacterial infection, ringworm, rabies, salmonellosis, felinosis, toxoplasmosis.

It is especially dangerous to kiss cats for pregnant women, children, and HIV-infected people. There have already been cases when a pregnant woman had a miscarriage after kissing a cat.

An expert explained whether it is harmful for human health to kiss a cat's face© Photo by Akbar Nemati on Unsplash

In addition, scientists have found that cats do not like to be kissed. Animals simply do not understand what is happening at this moment, so they begin to get nervous. When stressed, a pet may even begin to hiss and scratch.

Zoologists recommend looking at it and blinking slowly to express love for a cat. She may also enjoy stroking along the fur line. And if you wet a toothbrush and run it over the fur, then your pet will have the feeling that he is being licked, which is also one of the manifestations of love.

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