The Google Phone app will no longer show nearby establishments

Focus shifts to advanced calling features Another Android feature, in this case in the Google Phone app, is becoming a thing of the past. The “Locations Nearby” search option, previously available through the search bar at the top of the application, is officially no longer available. DiscussThe Google Phone application will stop showing nearby establishments© 3

Since the beginning of February, users participating in the beta test updates, we noticed that this function is missing. This change is now rolling out to everyone with the latest stable release (version 125). The ability to search for places, establishments, etc. directly in the Phone application has disappeared, and has been replaced by a search bar focused exclusively on contacts. In addition, the “Nearby Places” setting has completely disappeared.

The Google Phone app will stop showing nearby establishments

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According to Google, “only a very small number of people » used the search for “Places nearby”. While it was convenient for some, its accuracy was not always reliable.

Google emphasizes its commitment to “creating the best, most reliable, and most innovative phone calling experience.” Removing the Nearby Places feature “frees up resources for this purpose.”

For users accustomed to searching for establishments through the Phone app, Google offers to use its maps, where you can find phone numbers for cafes, restaurants and simply public places.