US regulator went undercover to reveal hacker-controlled “antiviruses”

FTC Stops Antivirus Scam Targeting Millions of People The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has filed a lawsuit against two Cypriot companies – Restoro and Reimage – for a massive scam involving fake antivirus software. DiscussUndercover US regulator uncovered hacker-controlled © Ferra

The deceptive software tricked users into downloading it by falsely claiming that it detected threats on their computers. These pop-ups even manipulated results from the VirusTotal malware repository, further enhancing the “illusion of infection.” The FTC says the scheme has been in place since at least January 2018. The FTC conducted an undercover investigation by purchasing counterfeit software and contacting company representatives directly.

The regulator is now seeking an injunction from the court to “prevent them from continuing this operation” as well as monetary damages. Restoro and Reimage have agreed to a $26 million settlement to resolve FTC charges.