Scary headlines, safe skies: Boeing casts a shadow over the aviation industry

And why you shouldn't focus on the accident of one company. Recent “aircraft incidents” involving Boeing have understandably caused public concern. However, experts say that commercial air travel remains remarkably safe. DiscussScary headlines, safe skies: Boeing has cast a shadow on the aviation sector© Ferra

A flurry of negative headlines can create the impression of a sudden decline in the level security. However, data from global regulators shows that commercial flights are statistically very safe, and safety levels have actually improved over the last two decades. Modern aircraft systems have redundant systems in place to ensure that minor problems, such as a lost wheel, do not turn into disasters.

While current safety records are impressive, experts caution against over-confidence. The Flight Safety Foundation notes signs of a weakening safety culture among airlines and manufacturers, which could lead to incidents in the future.