Pro-Russian hackers published confirmation of the loss of the “vaunted” Abrams by the Ukrainian Armed Forces

In just a week, the Ukrainian but pro-Russian hacker group Beregini reported the leak of documents from the 47th separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces about the lost American Abrams M1 tanks. The document was published in the hackers' Telegram channel. DiscussPro-Russian hackers published confirmation of the loss of the Ukrainian Armed Forces of the

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This is an internal report from the 47th Brigade, the only one that operates Abrams tanks. Beregini said that the document they published spoke of three lost “Americans.” On February 25, the 25th separate assault battalion of the 47th brigade received two tanks with crews and full ammunition. These tanks took part in the battles near Avdeevka.

But on February 26, Russian troops completely destroyed the Abrams with serial number UKR002 with two FPV drones. This happened near the village of Berdychi.

The second Abrams with serial number UKR005 was hit by an unnamed Russian ATGM on February 29 near the village of Semenovka and is subject to restoration, and the third with number UKR006 failed on March 2, also near Berdychi. the crew abandoned the vehicle.

Presumably, at the time of the transfer of the two Abrams, the 47th Brigade already had at its disposal one of the subsequently destroyed American tanks. And, by the way, according to unconfirmed information, to date 6 Abrams have allegedly been shot down or are out of action.