Microsoft will block access to cloud products for Russians

From March 20, Microsoft will suspend access to its cloud products for organizations in Russia from March 20, 2024, writes RBC. This decision was a consequence of the 12th package of EU sanctions against Russia, which includes restrictions on the supply of business intelligence software. DiscussMicrosoft will block access to cloud products for Russians© Ed Hardie

The suspension will affect a wide range of Microsoft cloud products, including Power BI, Dynamics CRM and more. This means that Russian companies will no longer be able to use these products or access the data stored in them.

This move will have a significant impact on those Russian enterprises that rely on Microsoft cloud products to operate. These companies will have to quickly look for alternative solutions.

Experts recommended that Russian companies create backup copies of data from all their cloud services as soon as possible. In addition, companies are advised to consider switching to domestically developed software and services to avoid similar failures in the future.