Anthropic has launched incredibly fast AI Claude 3 Haiku

Powerful and affordable AI Anthropic has introduced Claude 3 Haiku, the latest member of its family of AI models. Haiku's priority is “speed and accessibility,” according to the company. DiscussAnthropic Launches Blazingly Fast AI Claude 3 Haiku© Ferra

Following the recent introduction of Claude 3 Opus and Sonnet, Haiku rounds out the trifecta, offering a range of options for businesses looking for the right a balance between intelligence, speed and cost.

Haiku processes information at an impressive speed of 21,000 tokens (approximately 30 pages) per second. This will allow companies that want to access it to analyze huge amounts of data, such as legal documents or financial reports, much faster than similar models.

Haiku boasts advanced visual capabilities, skillfully working with charts, graphs and images.

“We believe that the capabilities of the Claude 3 Haiku are superior to similarly priced models,” says an Anthropic representative. “Compared to free and open-source options, Haiku offers greater functionality while adhering to Anthropic's security principles and strict security measures.”