You didn’t know, but in the 90s Google Search boasted of the absence of advertising and news

The company took a wrong turn. Reddit user Green____cat posted a photo of a retro Google ad dating back to 1999. The announcement caused a storm of emotions and memories among network users, writes DiscussYou didn't know, but in the 90s, Google Search boasted of the lack of advertising and news© Ferra

In an advertisement placed in the magazine, Google is positioned as a “simple search engine.” It is contrasted with “portals” with weather forecasts, news, links to sponsor sites, advertising and “garbage”. Google promises its users “nothing but a fast-loading search engine.”

You didn’t knew, but in the 90s Google Search boasted of the absence of advertising and news© Green____cat/Google

Green____cat's post quickly gained several thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Many users recalled with nostalgia the times when Google was exactly as described in the ad. “Those were the days,” “Nostalgia,” “I miss that Google,” the comments read.

Some panelists believe that Google has gotten worse over the years. “Google sold its soul,” one user said. Another complained that today the search engine only responds to queries with advertisements.

The reaction to Google's retro advertising from 1999 clearly demonstrates how much the search engine has changed over the past 20 years. On the one hand, it has become more functional and informative. On the other hand, many users complain about its commercialization and clutter. In any case, this retro ad made many people remember “simple” times and “pure” Google as it was 20 years ago.