UK joins European chip consortium

For its own development and savings, Great Britain decided to keep up with the EU, from which it left, in the production of chips. To do this, British companies need access to a developed industrial and scientific base. DiscussThe UK has joined the European chip manufacturing consortium


To achieve the stated goals, the government The UK will contribute £35 million, or $44 million, to participate in the EU's Chip Joint Venture consortium. The money is intended to “fund the UK's efforts over the next few years” and will go towards developing a related programme.

This will make the UK a “participating state”, allowing it to cooperate with the EU and participate in a single research and development program in semiconductor field. Thus, businesses operating in the UK semiconductor industry will be able to use a dedicated pool of $1.3 billion.

The first £5 million of the £35 million will be allocated to domestic UK research into chip manufacturing. The cooperation program and participation in the consortium implies receiving further grants for development and savings in the industry.