The most useless and harmful dryer modes are listed

Take this note: Dryers usually have many different programs. But are all of them useful for clothes? Discuss The most useless and harmful modes of a drying machine are listed© Freepik

Drying machines, according to the International legislation of Russia and the former CIS, do not undergo the certification procedure. Therefore, the instructions for these devices do not contain a detailed description of functions, operating modes, etc.

Cotton. If there is no indication on the clothes that they need to be dried at high temperatures, then this mode will only ruin the fabric. As a result, things will quickly become unusable.

ECO cotton. In terms of temperature, this mode is almost identical to the “Cotton” program. It also lasts longer, and not all fabrics can withstand it.

In general, the cotton settings of the dryer are suitable for fabrics with a large amount of cotton, which are also suitable for boiling.

< img src="" class="sX8xPdQU" title="The most useless and harmful modes of the dryer are listed" alt="The most useless and harmful modes of the dryer are listed" The most are listed useless and harmful dryer modes />© Freepik

Synthetics. In most cases, the temperature in this mode is 40-45 degrees Celsius. However, synthetic fabrics can be dried at a maximum of 35 degrees.

Blankets (down products). If you have a cold air drying option, then it’s better to use it.

The rest of the programs in dryers are derived from those already mentioned above. Most often they are also a marketing ploy.