Over the past week, BTC has broken records in price and mining computing power.

The first cryptocurrency breaks its own records Over the past week, Bitcoin has broken several records simultaneously. BTC not only soared above $72 thousand, which analysts say is “an unprecedented historical record for the first cryptocurrency,” but also broke the record for increasing mining power, including increasing block sizes. DiscussOver the last week, BTC broke the record for price and mining computing power

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At the time of writing, the cost of BTC to the dollar was $72,039. Mining of “digital gold” has become more difficult, which is reflected in an increase in power: from March 4 to March 10, the Bitcoin hashrate increased from 564 exahash per second (EH/s) to 618 EH/s – by 9.57% in just a week.

At the same time, in changes in the three-day simple moving average (3DSMA), the rise in the average was recorded at a maximum of 661 EH/s. As noted, miners are increasing their capacity ahead of the April halving, which is only 6 thousand blocks away.