A lover of undercooked bacon has worms in his brain

Florida man's case A 52-year-old Florida man's preference for “soft bacon” could have led to life-threatening consequences when doctors discovered a tapeworm living in his brain. The case of this man, who suffered from constant migraines for several months, serves as a warning about the dangers of undercooked pork. DiscussA lover of undercooked bacon has worms in his brain© Ferra

According to a report in the American Journal of Case Reports, an unnamed patient turned up seeking medical help after his regular migraine medication stopped working. Further examination revealed that he had numerous cysts in his brain, a sign of a parasitic infection known as neurocysticercosis.

Doctors determined that the culprit of the infection was Taenia solium. A man who had not recently traveled abroad or eaten raw food admitted that he was addicted to undercooked bacon. Researchers believe that tapeworm eggs entered his body through undercooked pork and then traveled through the circulatory system from the intestines to the brain.

This case, although rare in developed countries such as the United States, highlights the importance of proper food processing. “Our patient's lifelong preference for soft bacon may have led to incidents of undercooked bacon consumption,” the report states.

Fortunately, the man responded well to treatment with corticosteroids to reduce brain swelling, followed by medication to destroy the parasite. His migraines have improved significantly, and his cysts have disappeared.

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