In Spain, a ball for collecting biometrics of the Worldcoin project of the head of OpenAI was banned

They don't believe in privacy The Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) has banned OpenAI head Sam Altman's Worldcoin Foundation cryptocurrency project from collecting biometric data using futuristic silver balls. These devices scan the iris of the eye. Discuss“In© Worldcoin/YouTube

Altman claims that this was done in order to distinguish a living person from an AI copy and not allow substitution, because now this is relevant. According to the Worldcoin developers, “proof of identity” of users is required to use this project.

However, AEPD was not inspired by Altman and his subordinates’ assurances of the absolute confidentiality of their product. Therefore, AEPD banned the use of these balls for collecting biometrics, especially since this caused confusion among many Worldcoin users.

Altman and project co-founder Alex Blania intend to sue AEPD, because the work of collecting biometrics is prohibited at least for three months.

“Unfortunately, the Spanish data protection authority (AEPD) with its actions today circumvents established procedures under the GDPR, which are limited to Spain and not the EU as a whole. We are grateful for the opportunity to help AEPD better understand the important facts surrounding this important and legitimate technology,” said Yannick Preivis, Data Protection Officer at the Worldcoin Foundation.