Tesla will allow you to open its electric cars using Apple Watch

But for now this is more in the realm of speculation. The insider portal 9to5mac, with reference to Elon Musk’s statement on the social network X, suggested that applications from Tesla may appear for the Apple Watch smart watches, allowing you to tear off the brand’s electric cars using an Apple wearable gadget. DiscussTesla will allow you to open your electric cars using your Apple Watch© 9to5mac.com

The impetus for such assumptions was Musk’s answer to one of the users: a subscriber asked whether Tesla could introduce synchronization with the Apple Watch into its cars. To which Musk succinctly replied: “Of course!”

There are no details, so 9to5mac observers believe that at least with the help of a smart watch, owners of Tesla electric vehicles will be able to open their cars, and that wasn’t too bad It would be better to introduce a Live Activity function into the watch so that the user can control the charge level of the car.

In addition, according to observers, the watch should also add the function of preparing the interior for a trip, turning on and off the Sentry mode and remote start engine.