Expert: Even push-button phones not connected to the Internet leave digital traces

Completely safe gadgets apparently do not exist. Konstantin Gorbunov, an expert on network threats and web developer of the Security Code company, said that push-button phones, which are considered more secure than modern gadgets, can still leave digital traces. DiscussExpert: even push-button phones not connected to the Network leave digital traces traces

© Jojhnjoy/Wikimedia Commons

Feature phones have an IP address and other unique identifiers, which means such a phone can also be tracked. If the phone has access to the Internet, then the device is quite vulnerable to the same calls as modern devices.

If a push-button phone is not connected to the Internet at all, there are still digital traces: this is a call history that can be stored telecom operators, and SMS messages.

“If we talk about push-button phones without access to the network, which can only make calls and send SMS, then in this case it will still not be possible to completely hide the digital footprint. Cellular operators are able to store both SMS and data on calls made,” the expert noted.