NVIDIA may become the most valuable company in the world. But on one condition

Somebody needs to really mess upExperts believe that NVIDIA can overtake Apple and become the most valuable company in the world. DiscussNVIDIA can become the most expensive company in the world. But under one condition© Ferra.ru

But there is one important “but”: Apple must disappoint investors with its developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

It was previously predicted that Apple would deliver up to 225 this year million iPhone smartphones. However, analyst Ming Chi Kuo has revised his expectations.

Now he believes that the real number will be closer to 200 million. However, Apple still has a chance to strengthen its position thanks to AI technologies.

There are rumors that the new A18 chip for the iPhone 16 line will have a much more powerful “neural engine”. This should greatly enhance the work with AI functions in iOS 18.

Apple may also improve the microphones in the iPhone 16 to more clearly recognize Siri commands.

There is information that at the conference WWDC 2024 Apple can present its chatbot Apple GPT – a competitor to the sensational ChatGPT.