Study finds vaping worsens mental health and sleep in youth

This is stated in an article from the journal Healthcare. Scientists from the University of Surrey studied the relationship between sleep quality and mental health of young people aged 18-25 years. Here's what they found. Discuss“Study© oka bemby

A team of scientists, based on the results of a new study, came to the conclusion that vaping users the quality of sleep was much lower than that of their peers who did not use vapes. Moreover, more than ¾ of the “steamers” had symptoms of insomnia. The reason for this may be the stimulant properties of nicotine.

Study finds that vaping worsens mental health and sleep in youth© Health e-News

In addition, nicotine negatively affects people's brain development and may trigger behaviors that make a person more likely to develop substance abuse problems.

Anxiety was also increased in those who vaped. Among survey participants (316 people), 95.9% had clinical levels of anxiety symptoms.

The researchers also found that 73.5% of those who vaped were evening types (“night owls”), compared to 40% of those who did not use e-cigarettes. In addition, vapers reported higher levels of loneliness.

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