OpenAI denies Elon Musk's accusations

And she noted that the investment from the head of Tesla was insignificant. OpenAI, a startup valued at more than $80 billion and one of the largest in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), said it intends to reject all charges brought against it by Elon Musk in a recent lawsuit. OpenAI also suggested that Musk, who was involved in the creation of the company, did not have a significant influence on its development and success. DiscussOpenAI rejected Elon Musk's accusations


The response to the lawsuit has been published in OpenAI's blog, which claims that since its founding in 2015, the startup has raised less than $45 million from Musk, despite his initial promises of up to $1 billion in funding. In response to the lawsuit, Musk claims that OpenAI has departed from its original mission in favor of profit, which was a violation of contractual obligations.

The lawsuit between Musk and OpenAI could have a far-reaching impact on the future development of AI. The startup, valued at $80 billion, plays a key role in the direction and pace of development of this industry.

OpenAI emphasized that in the process of developing artificial general intelligence, it is necessary to move to a commercial structure to secure the required funding. Musk offered to merge with Tesla or give him full control, which led to disagreements between him and the other OpenAI founders.

OpenAI said it regretted the legal conflict with Musk, who, on the one hand, inspired them, and on the other hand, he sued them when they began to make noticeable progress in implementing OpenAI's mission.