Ancient tomb containing treasures of the leader Gran Cocle found in Panama

According to open sources, there are at least 36 legendary treasuries in the world,which have not yet been found by anyone. They are considered lost because they are located in the depths of the jungle, in ancient temples remaining under layers of earth and other forgotten places. People are skeptical about the existence of some of them. For example, no one is sure about the reality of Montezuma's gold- the treasury of the Aztec emperor worth 15 billion dollars. But from time to time, archaeologists manage to find treasures with jewelry, and no one had even suspected their existence before. Recently, such a treasure trove was found inside an ancient tomb in Panama. In addition to gold jewelry, scientists found the bodies of representatives of an ancient culture that existed before the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

An ancient tomb containing the treasures of the leader Gran Cocle has been found in Panama. Archaeologists are studying ancient treasures found in Panama. Photo.

Archaeologists are studying ancient treasures found in Panama


  • 1 Where is Panama
  • 2 Who lives in Panama
  • 3 Culture of the Gran Cocle in Panama
  • 4 Scientists have found a tomb with treasures

Where is Panama

Panamais a country located in Central America. On the world map it looks like a bridge, on both sides of which are the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. In the west, this country borders on Costa Rica, and in the east on Colombia.

Where is Panama. Panama on the world map. Photo.

Panama on the world map

It is a very warm and humid place, with temperatures ranging from 25 to 28 degrees Celsius most of the year. Thanks to the pleasant conditions, this place has a very wide variety of animals and plants. For example, only in Panama can you find Atelopus zeteki, a small frog with bright yellow skin that secretes poison that is dangerous to humans.

Where is Panama. Nature of Panama. Photo.

Nature of Panama

Where is Panama. Atelope ceteca frog. Photo.

Atelope ceteca frog

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Who lives in Panama

In ancient times, Panama was inhabited by numerous Indian peoples. For example, ancient representatives of the Ngobe-Bugle people lived in the western part of the current country. Their descendants still live there – according to 2010 data, there are approximately 156 thousand of them.

Who lives in Panama. Modern representatives of the Ngobe-Bugle people. Photo.

Modern representatives of the Ngobe-Bugle people

Also in Panama live the descendants of the Indians of Choco, Bocas del Toro, Gran Cocle and so on. Each of the peoples has its own culture, and scientists are studying them carefully.

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Gran Cocle culture in Panama

Recently, archaeologists managed to find the tomb of the Gran Cocle people, inside of which a huge amount of treasure was kept for many centuries. Scientists believe that this ancient culture existed from 200 BC to 1550 AD. Representatives of the Grand Cocle were very developed people and skillfully handled a wide variety of materials.

Gran Cocle culture in Panama. One of the products of the Gran Cocle people. Photo.

One ​​of the products of the people of Gran Cocle

For example, earlier archaeologists were able to find artifacts made of gold and other metals, as well as bones with carved images and jewelry made of precious stones. Gold products from the Gran Cocle were of such high quality that they were a valuable item of trade – scientists even discovered them in Chichen Itza, which was the cultural center of the Mayan people.

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Scientists have found a tomb with treasures

The tomb discovered by scientists was dedicated to one of the leaders of Gran Cocle. He was buried face down on top of the woman's body – this was in accordance with the traditions of the people. In addition to this tomb, archaeologists have discovered many other burials with from 8 to 32 bodies.

Scientists have found a tomb with treasures. Treasures found in the tomb of a leader. Photo.

Treasures found in the tomb of the leader

It is believed that all these people belonged to the highest strata of society – they were sacrificed to accompany the leader in the afterlife. Next to the ruler's body, as in the graves of many other cultures, scientists discovered an impressive amount of jewelry. We are talking about both gold and ceramic items – these are valuable artifacts for museums and collectors, so they are very expensive.

Scientists have found a tomb with treasures. One of the gold plates. Photo.

One ​​of the gold plates

For example, archaeologists found five breast plates made of gold, belts with gold beads and two earrings in the shape of a man and a woman. Also in the tomb were jewelry made from sperm whale teeth with gold tips, as well as bracelets and clothes with inserts made from dog teeth. In general, when it came to decorations, the imagination of the people of Grand Cocle worked very well.

Scientists have found a tomb with treasures. Representatives of the Cocle people knew how to give gold a complex shape. Photo.

Representatives of the Cocle people knew how to give gold a complex shape

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Scientists will continue to excavate in Panama, because other tombs with treasures may be hidden in these lands. Unfortunately, there are very few treasure maps in the world, like in adventure films, and seekers have to act at random. But sometimes there are clues to where to look for jewelry. In 2023, we talked about how an ancient stone turned out to be a treasure map. Initially, the huge 4,000-year-old slab raised many questions. But then the researchers realized that the lines on it coincided with the marks on the real map.