A selection of original gifts for March 8th with fast delivery

Every year the male half of the population faces the same question — What to give women on March 8? Bouquet of flowers — This is always a good decision, but it is better when it is accompanied by a gift, even an inexpensive one. To help you, we have prepared 10 great ideas. Basically, these are inexpensive gifts for March 8, which your mother, wife, girlfriend, friend or colleague will be pleased to receive. Among them are gift sets with sweets, stylish smart watches, smart speakers and many other useful products.

A selection of original gifts for March 8th with fast delivery. TOP 10 great gifts for March 8th. Photo.

TOP 10 great gifts for March 8


  • 1 Gift set MyPads (thermos with display and scarf)
  • 2 Gift set for women with sweets
  • 3 Smart watch Haylou RS4 Plus Gold
  • 4 Gift set «100 wishes»
  • 5 Moulinex multi-pressure cooker
  • 6 Yandex Station Mini
  • 7 LED lamp «LOVE»
  • 8 Xiaomi Mijia machine
  • 9 Wireless thermal photo printer
  • 10 Hairdryer Xiaomi Mijia Negative Ion Hair Dryer

MyPads Gift Set (thermos with display and scarf)

Every woman or girl will be happy to receive a warm cashmere scarf of a soft pink color as a gift, because in the cold season it will definitely find a use. And in addition to it, the set includes a thermos of the same color, which will also allow you to warm up, for example, with hot tea.

MyPads gift set (thermos with display and scarf). Gift set including thermos and cashmere scarf. Photo.

Gift set including a thermos and a cashmere scarf

The main feature of the thermos is the presence of a display that shows the temperature of the liquid inside. This is very convenient, since you don’t need to open the thermos to understand whether the tea or other drink has cooled down.

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Gift set for women with sweets

If you want to give a gift that is “inexpensive, but tasteful,” then this set is just what you need. The set is packaged in a beautiful gift box with bows. Inside there are 4 types of elite tea, as well as cherry dragees in chocolate, rice balls dragees in chocolate glaze «Beads».

Gift set for women with sweets. A gift set that contains tea and various sweets. Photo.

A gift set that contains tea and various sweets

In addition , the set contains two types of peanuts — dragee in colored sugar and colored chocolate glaze. There are also two orange slices, a bunch of cinnamon and the “zest” of the whole set — wooden postcard “Happy March 8th”. By the way, there are also real raisins, and in white chocolate glaze.

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Smart watch Haylou RS4 Plus Gold

Smart watch with an elegant design from the Xiaomi sub-brand. Thanks to the high-quality AMOLED display and premium case materials, they look much more expensive than their actual cost.

Smart watch Haylou RS4 Plus Gold. Smart watch from the Xiaomi sub-brand. Photo.

Smart watches from the Xiaomi sub-brand

Traditionally, watches record various biological and sports indicators, and also help monitor achievements during sports training. Thanks to IP68 water resistance, you can wear the watch even while swimming in the pool. Moreover, there are special training modes in the pool and open water.

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Gift set «100 wishes»

Another “sweet” gift set for March 8th. It includes 100 milk chocolates, each of which has a particular wish written on it. In addition, the set contains a jar of aromatic tea, which can be used to wash down sweets.

Gift set «100 wishes». Gift set of chocolates with wishes and aromatic tea. Photo.

Gift set of chocolates with wishes and aromatic tea

The set is packed in a gift cardboard box with a bright print on the lid. As a result, the gift looks solid and festive. You can give it to your girlfriend, mother, colleague, sister, etc. It will be an excellent addition to a bouquet of flowers.

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Moulinex multicooker-pressure cooker

A great gift for women and girls who love to cook. The multi-cooker with pressure cooker from a famous brand contains 22 automatic programs. Thanks to this, it is easy to cook porridge, soups, vegetables, meat, etc. in it. All recipes are available in the book that comes with the multicooker.

Moulinex multicooker-pressure cooker. High-quality and multifunctional Moulinex multicooker-pressure cooker. Photo.

High-quality and multifunctional multi-cooker-pressure cooker Moulinex

In addition, there is a manual mode that allows you to cook according to your own recipes. Other useful options include delayed start, automatic temperature maintenance with a timer. Therefore, every housewife will be happy with such a gift.

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Yandex Station Mini

Smart speakers — This is a relatively new gadget, the benefits of which not everyone knows about. However, those who are already familiar with it know very well how convenient and useful this device is. This station has a voice assistant Alice, thanks to which you can control it by voice.

Yandex Station Mini. Yandex smart speaker with Alice. Photo.

Yandex smart speaker with Alice

Alice can turn on music, start alarm clock, tell the latest news or make you laugh with a joke. She will also not let you forget about important matters. You can pay for the smart speaker in one payment or in parts (by subscription).

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LED lamp «LOVE»

Stylish neon LED lamp in the form of the inscription «LOVE» can be a great decoration for a romantic evening. It will decorate the room and illuminate the space with soft light. This lamp can be given to a girl.

LED lamp «LOVE». Decorative neon lamp. Photo.

Decorative neon lamp

The lamp can be powered by three 3 x AA batteries or from a USB source, for example, a charger or power bank. Thanks to this, it can be used even when there is no electricity.

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Xiaomi Mijia machine

If you want your gift to be useful and practical, pay attention to the Xiaomi Mijia machine. This is an innovative device for removing pills from everyday clothes. The machine is equipped with a powerful motor and a set of blades rotating at speeds of up to 7000 rpm. Thanks to this, it allows you to quickly put your clothes in order. At the same time, the machine is completely safe for the fabric itself.

Xiaomi Mijia machine. Xiaomi Mijia machine for cleaning clothes. Photo.

Xiaomi Mijia machine for cleaning clothes

After processing Xiaomi Mijia clothes , it starts to look like new. The device is powered by a built-in 1300 mAh battery. One charge is enough for 90 minutes of continuous operation.

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Wireless photo-thermal printer

Compact thermal printer — a universal device that may be needed in a variety of situations. You can print text, images, stickers, labels, photos, etc. on it. For example, it can be used to create stickers for decoration.

Wireless thermal photo printer. Compact wireless thermal printer. Photo.

Compact wireless thermal printer

To use the printer, you just need to install the application to a smartphone. The device has compact dimensions. The printer comes with colored and self-adhesive paper, as well as a set of felt-tip pens.

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Xiaomi Mijia Negative Ion Hair Dryer

Good hair dryer — This is a gift that every woman will be glad to receive. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to Xiaomi Mijia Negative Ion Hair Dryer. It has 2 speeds, has an air ionization function, and ensures drying of dry or oily hair without the risk of damage.

Xiaomi Mijia Negative Ion Hair Dryer. Lightweight and effective Xiaomi Mijia Negative Ion Hair Dryer. Photo.

Lightweight and effective Xiaomi Mijia Negative Ion Hair Dryer

Thanks Light weight, it does not tire your hand even after prolonged drying. The folding handle makes it easy to store and transport. A powerful motor combined with 6 wings provides a powerful air flow that allows you to quickly dry your hair.

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Finally, we note that you can order all these gifts right now , and they will be delivered quickly. To do this, click on the “Buy” button and place your order.