US authorities prevented AMD from selling AI accelerators to China

They're Still PowerfulChipmaker Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) encountered difficulties from the US government when trying to sell an artificial intelligence chip specifically tailored for the Chinese market. This happened as part of tightening restrictions on the export of advanced technologies to China. DiscussUS authorities prevented AMD from selling AI accelerators to China


AMD was hoping to get permission from the US Department of Commerce to sell the artificial intelligence chip to Chinese customers. However, US officials told the company that the chip was still too powerful and would require a license from the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security to sell it. The company refrained from commenting, and a representative from the Bureau of Industry and Safety declined to make a statement. It is unclear whether AMD is applying for a license.

The US is seeking to limit China's access to advanced semiconductors capable of creating artificial intelligence models, out of concern that Beijing will gain a military advantage. In 2022, President Joe Biden's administration introduced the first set of export restrictions and strengthened them in October of that year.