The reason why you can’t drive black cars in Turkmenistan has been revealed.

All because of a special law. In 2015, Turkmenistan banned the import of black cars into the country. Three years later, a ban was introduced for residents of this country to travel in such cars across the territory of the state. But why did this happen? Discuss“The© wallcars

After the ban on the use of black cars in Turkmenistan, owners of cars like this colors are forced to repaint them. As a result, all black and even just dark cars became white.

On the one hand, this is supposedly due to concern for passengers and car drivers. The climate in Turkmenistan is very hot, so in summer black cars heat up more and the temperature in their interior can be hazardous to health.

The reason why you can't drive black cars in Turkmenistan has been revealed© hronikatm

But there is another version of the origin of this ban. The father of the current president of Turkmenistan led the country until his son was 15 years old. It is known that he disliked black and other dark colors and loved white. Even his motorcade consisted of white cars. As a result, such preferences of the former president became mandatory for all citizens of the country.