The most necessary and useless washing modes in a washing machine are listed

Pay attention to this when purchasing. Modern washing machines may have 10 or more washing modes. But are all of them really needed? DiscussThe most necessary and useless washing modes in a washing machine are listed© Ph

Basic programs. These include “Cotton” (suitable for colored and white linen and cotton; washing lasts 1.5-2.5 hours; speed – from 1000 to 1200 rpm; temperature – 30-90 degrees Celsius) , “Synthetics” (represents a gentle wash of fabrics made of polyamide, polyester, mixed fibers; lasts up to 2 hours; spin – 400-800 rpm; temperature – 30-40 degrees Celsius), “Wool”, “Silk” “(programs are needed for delicate fabrics, knitted sweaters, scarves, hats; temperature – 30 degrees Celsius; duration – 40-50 minutes, rotation speed – up to 500 rpm).

Eco cotton. Energy saving occurs due to a decrease in the volume of water consumed while maintaining the maximum permissible temperature values ​​(90°C), washing duration (2.5 hours) and the number of rpm during spinning (1200). However, this causes clothes to wear out faster.

Thin fabrics. All characteristics of the “Synthetic” mode are preserved, except for the duration. Washing lasts 5-7 minutes longer.

Cashmere (with steam function). The water temperature in this case will not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, the speed will not exceed 500 rpm. That is, the indicators are the same as in the “Wool” mode.

Fresh aroma (with steam generation function). Washing lasts 3-5 minutes longer than in the Cashmere mode. The rest of the characteristics are the same.

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Sport (“Jacket”, “Fitness”, “Sports shoes (clothing)” ). At its core, it is a “Synthetic” mode, but a little more water is used during washing.

Quick wash. This is a wash in slightly warmed soapy water.

Blankets (pillows). They can also be washed in the “Synthetic” mode.

Intensive wash (stain removal). This is an accelerated “Cotton” mode, which requires less water and maximum spin. If you use this program regularly, your clothes will wear out very quickly.