In the United States, following Russia, they began to treat COVID-19 as a seasonal disease

Now like a flu, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is making significant changes to prevention and treatment policies, treating COVID-19 as a seasonal flu, which is consistent with recent statements by doctors in Russia. This step is accompanied by new “guidance on respiratory viruses.” DiscussThe USA, following Russia, began to treat COVID-19 as a seasonal disease© 3

Previously, there were separate protocols for COVID-19. The CDC now focuses on symptoms rather than fixed periods of isolation, consistent with treatments for other respiratory viruses. Those with symptoms should stay home for at least 24 hours until their fever subsides and general symptoms improve.

The agency acknowledges that this revised guidance creates a “residual risk” of transmission. However, they say that most people are no longer infectious after 8-10 days. To reduce this risk, the CDC recommends additional precautions such as testing, social distancing and plenty of fresh air for five days after isolation.

CDC gives several reasons for this change. First, the severity of COVID-19 has decreased. Secondly, a significant part of the population has some immunity due to vaccination or previous infection.

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