Diamonds are used in semiconductors

Why are they so useful? Diamonds are used in semiconductors. Diamonds may not be everyone's best friend, but they could soon become the tech industry's favorite. Researchers from Kyoto University have made a breakthrough in understanding how to manipulate diamonds for use in next-generation semiconductors. DiscussDiamonds are Virgo's best friends... No, semiconductors© 3

Although diamonds are better known in jewelry, this study looks at them potential for solid-state electronics. The key is to create synthetic diamonds of high purity and strategically add impurities to alter their properties. These impurities affect how electrons move through the diamond's structure.

The challenge is understanding how these “doped” diamonds behave. The research team, led by Dr. Nobuko Naka, focused on excitons—tiny packets of energy that form inside a diamond. By precisely measuring excitons using a technique called optical absorption, researchers have been able to observe their structure in unprecedented detail.

The potential applications are vast. Diamonds can be used to create highly efficient LEDs, lasers and other light-emitting devices. Their unique properties could also lead to breakthroughs in quantum computing and ultra-sensitive radiation detectors.