Created a coating that keeps food fresh and repels bacteria

Bon AppetitResearchers have developed a solution for coating galvanized steel, a material commonly used in food storage containers. This innovation promises to significantly improve food safety and reduce waste. DiscussA coating has been created that keeps food fresh and repels bacteria© 3

Mustafa Akbulut and Luis Cisneros-Zevallos led a joint effort to creating this two-stage coating. Galvanized steel has the advantages of durability and affordability over stainless steel, but it is susceptible to bacterial growth and corrosion. The new coating solves both problems. It not only repels bacteria, preventing them from sticking to the surface, but also reduces corrosion by at least 70%.

The coating boasts “superhydrophobic” and “anti-fouling” properties, meaning it repels water and prevents attachment of fungi, bacteria and even dirt. This research, published in the Journal of Food Engineering, holds great promise for the food industry.

The coating process preserves the structural integrity and mechanical strength of the steel. Only the surface layer that comes into direct contact with the food is coated.

“We want this decision to be accepted by the industry,” says Cisneros-Zevallos.