Artificial intelligence advised against sending signals into space – it could cost us our lives

In the middle of the 20th century, the topic of meeting with aliens was very pressing. Many people, from military personnel to ordinary citizens, often perceived lights in the sky and other strange phenomena as evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. For example, in 1947, in the American city of Roswell, metal and rubber parts were found that were mistaken forthe fragments of a “flying saucer.”They were carefully studied by specialists from various fields, and many people believed that Aliens actually crashed in the town and the authorities are carefully hiding it. It was only in 1994 that it became known that the debris belonged to a device for monitoring nuclear tests. For many years, scientists have been trying to communicate with aliens by sending signals into space. Recently, artificial intelligence recommended not to do this – the consequences could be dire.

Artificial intelligence advised not to send signals into space - it could cost us our lives. Even artificial intelligence warns that aliens can be dangerous. Photo.

Even artificial intelligence warns that aliens can be dangerous


  • 1 Do aliens exist
  • 2 Attempts to contact aliens
  • 3 How can aliens be dangerous
  • 4 How to escape from aliens

Do aliens exist

According to experts from the SETI Institute for the Study of Life in the Universe, there may be about 300 million inhabited planets in the Milky Way galaxy. Over billions of years, the organisms living there could well have developed to such an extent that they could travel long distances – in this case, they could easily find the Earth or at least get in touch with us.

Do aliens exist? We imagine aliens as they are shown to us in films - perhaps they have a completely different appearance. Photo.

We imagine aliens as they are shown in films – perhaps they have a completely different appearance

But we still have not had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, and this puzzles many scientists. After much thought, at least 5 reasons were identified why we still have not found aliens. Perhaps extraterrestrial intelligence specifically avoids the Earth. There is also a possibility that they are not advanced enough to create such technologies. Or maybe they died long ago, or we were alone in the Universe from the very beginning.

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Attempts to contact aliens

Be that as it may, we still have not received any signals from aliens. But why wait for a message if you can send it yourself?

In 1974, astronomers Frank Drake and Carl Sagan compiled the “Arecibo message,” which encrypts all the most important information about the Earth and its inhabitants. This message was sent using a radio telescope towards the constellation Hercules, or more precisely, to the star cluster M13, which is located 22,000 light years from Earth. Considering that the signal was sent only 50 years ago, it would take 21,950 years for alien intelligence to receive it. If anyone lives in this cluster, of course.

Attempts to contact aliens. Arecibo Message. Photo.

Arecibo's Message

In 1977, NASA sent two Voyager probes into space. They included a gold record in the design, on which the sounds of the Earth were recorded, as well as 116 photographs with information about our planet and its inhabitants (you can look at them here). Along with the disc, experts included instructions for reproducing the information.

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What they can be dangerous aliens

The senders of these messages can be understood – humanity has long been interested in whether life exists on other planets. But some scientists are not happy with their actions.

For example, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking warned that aliens could be dangerous. Indeed, if intelligent life exists somewhere and has more advanced technologies, it is unlikely to be good. It is quite possible that advanced aliens will make something like “pets” out of us, that is, they will do as we did with dogs, cats, cattle, and so on.

How dangerous aliens can be. Stephen Hawking was always against sending messages into space. Photo.

Stephen Hawking has always been against sending messages into space

Based on such concerns, some researchers have recommended not sending any messages into space. And if a signal from an extraterrestrial civilization reaches us, there is no need to respond to it – it’s better not to give away your location.

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How to escape from aliens

Recently, American and Chinese scientists developed artificial intelligence CosmoAgent, which can imagine what human interaction with aliens would look like. In simple terms, this system recreates the conditions of the real world inside a computer and can predict the “future”, taking into account the conditions proposed by scientists.

The system showed that if any more militarily advanced alien civilization finds out about Earth, it will definitely try to capture us – the chances of survival are zero. Of course, if extraterrestrial life is less developed, nothing bad should happen. But we have no idea what an extraterrestrial civilization might be, so trying to contact them is very risky.

How to escape from aliens. We have no idea what to expect from aliens, and it's scary. Photo.

We have no idea what to expect from aliens, and it's scary

Artificial Intelligence stressed that in order to survive, humanity needs to behave as quietly as possible in space and limit the sending of any signals. Perhaps there is no one in space except us. But caution never hurts.

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However, today, in order to give out their location, earthlings do not need to do anything. In 2023, scientists suggested that we are very visible in space even without any signals – at least mobile towers can give us away.