The court ordered the disclosure of the code of one of the most powerful spyware – Pegasus

Which caused a stir A US court made a landmark decision, ordering NSO Group, the Israeli company behind the infamous Pegasus spyware, to hand over its code to WhatsApp*. This decision marks a significant victory for the Meta*-owned messaging app in its ongoing legal battle with NSO, which began back in 2019. DiscussThe court ordered the disclosure of the code of one of the most powerful spyware - Pegasus© 3

WhatsApp* accused NSO of exploiting vulnerabilities in its platform to spy on more than 1,400 users. Known for its capabilities, NSO's Pegasus spyware is considered a closely guarded secret and its code is highly sought after. In addition, the company operates under strict Israeli Ministry of Defense regulations, requiring government approval for all software sales abroad. NSO tried to avoid providing any code or information, citing various restrictions imposed by both the US government and the Israeli government.

While this is a big victory for WhatsApp, Judge Hamilton did make some concessions to NSO. The company is currently not required to disclose the identities of its customers or any information related to its server architecture.

The court decision has major implications for the ongoing debate about government surveillance, cybersecurity and the ethical implications of powerful spy technologies. Disclosure of the Pegasus code could shed light on its functionality and potential vulnerabilities, which could have a broader impact on cybersecurity. This case also sets a precedent for future legal battles.

*belongs to Meta, which is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation and is banned