Microsoft has created a separate AI for financiers

New iteration of Copilot to streamline workflowsMicrosoft is making strides in the “business productivity” space by introducing a new iteration of Copilot AI specifically designed for finance professionals. This smart assistant, currently in public beta testing, is designed to automate routine tasks and increase the efficiency of financial teams. DiscussMicrosoft has created a separate AI for financiers© 3

This announcement comes amid a growing trend in the software industry, when companies integrate generative AI into existing products to improve operational efficiency.

What does Microsoft want? Equip each department with its own dedicated Copilot. According to Charles Lamann, corporate vice president at Microsoft, “We want every department to have its own Copilot.” This will build on Copilot's existing offerings for general use, sales and customer service.

Initial Copilot financial features include simplifying the process of analyzing the difference between budget and actual figures, automating the process of ensuring consistency of data from different sources in spreadsheets Excel and speed up the payment collection process by using automation in the familiar Outlook interface.

Copilot can also access information stored in popular enterprise platforms such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365. According to Lamann, this It is planned to expand functionality this year.