This tiny fish can make noise like a jet plane.

As of 2020, science knows of the existence of more than 35 thousand species of fish. Among them there are both giants like the whale shark up to 20 meters long, and small creatures that you may not even notice. When it comes to fish, almost all people imagine animals that do not make the slightest sound. There is even a popular saying “to be silent like a fish,” and it arose for a reason. But did you know that there are tiny fish in the world thatcan make noise comparable to the drone of a jet plane?They are common in Southeast Asia, and scientists have a lot of interesting things to say about them. For example, they already know how small creatures manage to make such loud sounds and whether they can deafen a person.

This tiny fish can make a loud noise like a jet plane. In the waters of Asia there are fish that can make loud noises. Photo.

In the waters of Asia live fish that can make loud sounds


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  • Fish that can make sounds

    One of the loudest fish in the world is called Danionella cerebrum. It swims in the murky shallows of Myanmar and grows to a maximum length of 1.2 cm. The brain volume of these creatures is 0.6 cubic millimeters – this is the smallest brain among all known species of vertebrate animals.

    Despite its tiny size, this fishis capable of producing sounds with a volume of up to 140 decibels.< /strong> It's very loud – the kind of noise you'd hear when using a jackhammer or during a rock concert. Some sources compare the sounds of this fish to a pistol shot.

    A fish that can make sounds. The appearance of the fish Danionella cerebrum. Photo.

    Appearance of the fish Danionella cerebrum

    For comparison, the loudest officially recorded noise on Earth is considered to be the explosion of the Krakatoa volcano during an eruption in 1883. It is believed that it was so deafening that the roar at a level of 172 decibels was heard at a distance of 160 kilometers.

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    < h2>What volume can cause deafness?

    A person may begin to experience temporary hearing loss when exposed to sounds with a volume of85 decibels or higherif exposed to them for a long time. At sound levels of 120 decibels or higher, such as at a rock concert or near a running jet engine, permanent hearing damage can occur. Sounds louder than 140 decibels can cause painful deafening even after short exposure.

    What volume can make you deaf? A person's hearing is very fragile, and it can be lost at the most unexpected moment. Photo.

    Human hearing is very fragile and can be lost at the most unexpected moment

    < p>Important scientific achievement:The boy’s hearing was restored using genetic engineering – medicine has been working towards this for 20 years

    What sounds do fish make

    The tiny fish Danionella cerebrum produces a sound that is comparable in volume to a jet plane. It would be logical that after catching this fish, people immediately became deaf. But such cases have never been recorded, and there is an explanation for this.

    The fact is that noise at a level of 140 decibels is heard only in water when the fish is at a distance of 10 millimeters. The further away it is, the less sound is heard. For example, at a distance of 1 meter the noise level reaches 108 decibels – this is also a lot, the animal makes noise like a tractor.

    This tiny fish can make a loud noise like a jet plane. What sounds do fish make. Photo.

    Danionella cerebrum Fish Sounds

    Most of the sound produced is reflected back into the water. When a person stands next to an aquarium with floating Danionella cerebrum, all he hears is a continuous buzzing sound. It is believed that fish use their ability to communicate with each other. The fact is that they live in muddy waters and often do not see their relatives.

    How fish talk

    The fish makes a loud sound using its swim bladder. First, it compresses the muscles that pull on the rib and create tension in the small cartilage. When the cartilage is released, it quickly hits the swim bladder, producing a loud sound.

    How fish talk. The structure of the tiny fish Danionella cerebrum. Photo.

    The structure of the tiny fish Danionella cerebrum

    Scientists have noticed that only males make a buzzing sound and only when they are in a group. Some of them are noisier than others – perhaps in these groups there are individuals who have greater authority. Often, if one male makes noise, the rest are completely silent at this time.

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    < h2>The loudest fish in the world

    It is important to note that representatives of the species Danionella cerebrum are far from the loudest among fish. They are such only among small creatures.

    There are other fish in the world that make sounds. For example, the bearded dusky croaker (Pogonias cromis) uses its large, flat teeth to make a drumming sound. And the northern midshipman fish (Porichthys notatus) uses its swim bladder to make sounds similar to grunts or grunts.

    The loudest fish in the world. Bearded dark croaker. Photo.

    The loudest fish in the world. Northern midshipman fish. Photo.

    Northern midshipman fish

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