Scientists have invented the simplest way to purify drinking water from microplastics

Which is available to everyone Scientists from China have discovered that boiling water is a simple and effective way to remove microplastics from it. DiscussScientists have invented the simplest method of purifying drinking water from microplastics©

This is especially true for hard water, where the effectiveness of the method reaches 90%.

In a study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters, scientists from Guangzhou Medical University and Jinan University added microplastic particles to samples of different types of tap water. They then boiled the water for 5 minutes.

It turned out that in hard water (high in calcium), boiling removes up to 80% of microplastics.

This is because boiling calcium reacts with plastic, forming insoluble compounds that precipitate.

In soft water, the effect was less pronounced – boiling removed only 25% of microplastics.

Thus, boiling is simple and an affordable way to make drinking water cleaner. And if there is scale in your water, you can additionally pass it through a paper coffee filter to remove any remaining sediment along with the plastic “encapsulated” in it.