US regulator says Boeing's safety culture is “inadequate”

What's at risk Boeing's safety practices are once again under scrutiny after the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published a report commissioned by Congress that paints a picture of “inadequate” safety procedures and a disconnect between management and employees. Discuss < img src="" class="sX8xPdQU" title="The US regulator declared an "inadequate" safety culture at Boeing" alt="The US regulator declared an "inadequate" culture security at Boeing" The US regulator said it was “inadequate” safety culture at Boeing />© Ferra

The report, compiled by independent experts, raises serious doubts about Boeing's commitment to safety and criticizes the lack of “objective evidence” to support the company's claims. It highlights that there is a “gap” between Boeing senior management and the rest of its employees on safety culture issues, leading to confusion about procedures and a reluctance to report safety issues for fear of retaliation.

In response to the report Boeing issued a statement acknowledging the need to improve the situation and talking about measures to improve its safety culture. The FAA, in turn, emphasized its commitment to ensuring that Boeing meets the highest safety standards and implements the recommendations outlined in the report.