Snapdragon X Elite outperforms Core Ultra 7 in AI image generation

Tested on Stable Diffusion 1.5 Qualcomm is preparing to release its next-generation flagship processor for laptops, the Snapdragon X Elite. Before these chips hit the market in mid-2024, Qualcomm is demonstrating the X Elite's superiority in an unexpected arena: AI image generation. DiscussSnapdragon X Elite outperforms Core Ultra 7 in AI image generation© Ferra

Although both the X Elite and Intel's 16-core Core Ultra 7155H use NPUs for AI tasks, the X Elite has a clear win in image generation with Stable Diffusion 1.5. In two benchmark tests, the X Elite significantly outperformed the Core Ultra 7.

Draw task:

“A bunch of berries” – The X Elite completed the task in 7.25 seconds , 3 times faster than Core Ultra 7 (22.26 seconds).

“A majestic lion basks in the golden afternoon sun” – X Elite generated the image in 1 second. Core Ultra 7 did the same in 12 seconds.

In addition to its AI capabilities, the X Elite is said to be on par in other aspects. Previous Geekbench 6 tests showed it outperforms Apple's M3 chip by 21% in multi-core performance. In addition, X Elite offers two power limits (23 and 80 W), allowing users to prioritize performance or battery life depending on their needs.