Apple's Smart Ring: The wearable device you probably don't need

NThere's a caveat Rumors about Apple's smart ring have been circulating for almost 10 years, since the company filed a patent for the “iRing” concept in 2015. Although the idea never came to fruition, recent events indicate that Apple may return to the concept. In this regard, 9to5Mac has a question: is there a place for a “smart” ring in Apple’s already established line of wearable devices? DiscussApple Smart Ring: the wearable you probably don't need© Ferra

Apple's first smart ring patent showed a conceptual design with a built-in touchpad, microphone and sensors. Subsequent patents hinted at more complex features such as gesture and voice control, motion tracking and health monitoring similar to the Apple Watch. However, “iRing” remained a conceptual project.

Recent reports claim that Apple has “accelerated” development of the smart ring and “pre-development for commercialization is imminent.” This coincides with Samsung's announcement of the Galaxy Ring earlier this month, which could potentially increase competition in the smart ring market.

The appeal of the smart ring lies in its unobtrusiveness, especially for sleep tracking. Many users find it inconvenient to wear Apple Watch while sleeping, and the ring would be a more discreet alternative. However, the release of the smart ring poses potential problems for Apple. A cheaper ring could wipe out Apple Watch sales, especially if the ring offers similar health features.

It's important to find a balance between price, functionality, and not competing with the Apple Watch. Additionally, the ring's health sensors may be limited or different from the watch's sensors to avoid direct market conflict (which prevents Apple from selling the latest iterations of its smartwatches).