Arizona serpentine lizards that bite people and cause unimaginable pain

According to data for 2022, science knows of the existence of 7,310 species of lizards. As a rule, they are peaceful creatures that feed on insects and love to bask in the sun. However, among them there are also poisonous creatures that can grab a person with their teeth and inject toxic substances into the body. One of these lizards is the Arizona hawksbill (Heloderma suspectum), which is also known as the lodgingandGila monsterThe pain from its bite has been described as “hot lava flowing through your veins” and in some cases people have even died from complications. Recently, a fatal case was recorded in the US state of Colorado: a 34-year-old man illegally kept poisonous lizards in his home and died after being bitten by one of them on February 16, 2024.

Arizona snake teeth are lizards that bite people and cause incredible pain. A bite from an Arizona snake tooth can lead to the death of a person, but such cases are rare. Photo.Contents

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  • 2 The most poisonous lizards in the world
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Who are the Arizona serpentine teeth

Arizona serpentine teeth are large lizardsup to 60 centimeters long and weighing up to 2 kilograms.Their skin is dark brown, but has many bright spots.

Mostly “Gila monsters” live in warm American states like Utah, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. They prefer dry places and often hide among grass and cacti. Sometimes they can be found on rocky slopes and canyon bottoms.

Who are the Arizona girdlers? Poisonous lizards usually live in arid places. Photo.If there are no nests nearby, they may well eat the birds themselves, as well as catch small mammals like mice and squirrels. But hunting by serpentine teeth is a very rare occurrence, becausethey feed no more than 10 times a year.If a lizard has a thick tail, it means it has eaten a lot and has accumulated fat.

Who are the Arizona Vipertooths? Some individuals of the Arizona Vipertooth are brighter than others. Photo.The largest lizards in the world – how did they survive to this day?

The most poisonous lizards in the world

The most interesting feature of the Arizona serpentine teeth is theirpoisonous bite.In the 1800s, there were rumors of monsters with bad breath and a deadly bite in the Old West. In 1890, one Walter Vail caught an Arizona girdler and thought he had killed it. But when the man tied the prey to the saddle of his horse, the lizard bit his finger and did not let go for a long time. The jaw of the “monster” had to be opened with a knife, and then Walter Vale had to see a doctor because he was in pain and had swelling.

The most poisonous lizards in the world. The toxicity of Arizona lizards is their defense mechanism. Photo.

The venom of Arizona lizards is their defense mechanism

After this incident, the unusual creature was studied by biologists. They emphasized that the lizard smells very bad and is poisonous. Scientists have come to the conclusion that they need this feature for successful hunting and scaring off enemies.

The Wild Westis a historical period in the development of North America, when at the end of the 19th century in the west of the country Cowboys, gold miners and Indian tribes flourished. This period is associated with endless prairies, brutal duels, life in cowboy settlements and the search for riches in gold mines.

What does animal venom consist of?

Arizona snake teeth produce venom in salivary glands that are located at the ends of the lower jaw. From them, toxic substances reach the base of the lower teeth through tiny tubes.

What does animal venom consist of? The skull of the Arizona snaketooth. Photo.

The skull of the Arizona serpentine tooth

The venom of the Arizona serpentine tooth contains dozens of dangerous substances health substances. Some of them cause severe pain and also cause swelling. There are also substances that enhance the spread of poison throughout the victim’s body, for example,hyaluronidaseensures effective penetration of poisons into the tissues of the victim.

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How painful do lizards bite?

Usually, the venom of the “hila monster” is not fatal to humans.But the sting can cause severe throbbing pain – said to be worse than the pain of a bee, wasp or scorpion sting. Some people even say it's “the worst pain they've ever felt in their life.” Swelling occurs at the site of the bite, and the person suffers from weakness and nausea for several days.

How painful is it for lizards to bite? It’s better not to anger the Arizona serpentine teeth - there will be bad consequences. Photo.

It’s better not to anger the Arizona serpentine teeth – there will be bad consequences

When biting, Arizona venom teeth do not unclench their jaw. In order for them to let go, you need to either submerge them under water or open their mouth using available tools. The longer the lizard holds the victim, the more poison penetrates its body.

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Deadly lizards

Despite the fact that the venom of zebra lizards is considered painful but not fatal, news about the death of Christopher Ward recently appeared on the Internet. This man kept two Arizona vultures named Winston and Potato in his home. The first one bit him, after which the man felt unwell. Some time later he died – it is believed that he had a special vulnerability to substances contained in lizard venom.

Deadly dangerous lizards. You cannot keep Arizona snake teeth at home - in many countries it is prohibited by law. Photo.

Keeping Arizona snake teeth at home is prohibited – in many countries it is prohibited by law

Deaths have been recorded before. But usually they were associated with the fact that the victims were drunk and could not provide themselves with basic help after the bite.

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Unfortunately, in addition to the Arizona snake teeth, there are many other poisonous creatures in the world. Some of them also live in Russia – we have an article about a deadly poisonous spider found in our country. But blaming them for the danger is wrong, because this is their defense mechanism.