An AI smartphone that doesn’t need apps was presented at a technology exhibition

The voice assistant is responsible for everything. A journalist from the Android Authority portal said that at the MWC 2024 exhibition in Barcelona, ​​which he covered, the German telecom operator Deutsche Telekom showed a smartphone running only on AI, without any applications. DiscussAn AI smartphone that doesn't need apps was presented at a technology exhibition© Android Authority/YouTube

To interact with a smartphone, you only need Internet access. The journalist asked the activated voice assistant to help him choose a gift for his daughter, after which the AI ​​assistant immediately suggested the found products, and the user asked for a video review of the one he liked and immediately received the result.

The developers of the Deutsche Telekom AI smartphone claim that for shopping does not require online store applications; all operations can be carried out immediately from the search results. Also, the developers of this device believe that in the future, familiar mobile applications will cease to exist.

When this smartphone will be released is unknown, as is the price. But the developers promise that they will present the smartphone in two interfaces – AI and the usual Android version.

It is reported that the firmware with built-in AI was jointly developed by Deutsche Telekom, Qualcomm and Brain.AI.