A clogged filter was found to be the cause of the accident during the last Starship rocket launch.

The SpaceX company spoke about this. The SpaceX company revealed the reasons why the accident occurred during the second test launch of the Starship transport system. DiscussA clogged filter turned out to be the cause of the accident during the last launch of the Starship rocket© nader saremi/Unsplash

The commission that investigated the causes failure of the Raptor engines, came to the conclusion that the accident was caused by a clogged filter through which liquid oxygen was supplied to the engine responsible for the soft landing of the first stage of Starship – Super Heavy. Because of this, the first stage exploded over the Gulf of Mexico at an altitude of about 90 km.

The second stage of Starship exploded due to a large release of liquid oxygen, leading to a fire, subsequent loss of control and failure of six Raptor engines.

The SpaceX press service reported that the identified design flaws were changed and all errors were corrected in order to avoid accidents in the future.