Study: Fast food poses health risks to pregnant women

Be careful A new study has found a link between fast food products and increased exposure to phthalates, chemicals associated with plastics that can harm fetal development in pregnant women. DiscussStudy: fast food poses a health risk to pregnant women© 3

A study published in the journal Environmental International talks about phthalates hiding in the most unexpected places: in food packaging, processing equipment and even in the gloves worn by food workers. Once in the body, these chemicals pass through the placenta, potentially affecting the fetus.

Potential risks for infants? Low birth weight, premature birth, mental health conditions such as autism and ADHD

Pregnant women who consumed more ultra-processed foods (such as packaged snacks, frozen meals, sugary drinks) had higher rates of pregnancy, according to the study. , the level of harmful phthalates in the body was 13% higher.

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