Why You Shouldn't Google Disease Symptoms

Explained by a medical psychologistMedical psychologist Lyubov Krushinskikh warned about the danger of such a mental condition as hypochondria – the search for symptoms of almost all diseases. DiscussWhy you shouldn't google disease symptoms

A type of hypochondria is “cyberypochondria” – a comparison of one's often apparent condition with a description of the symptoms of diseases on the Internet. And the more a person tries to find various symptoms in himself, the more he inspires himself with their presence and can actually get sick. . No less dangerous is self-medication as another side effect of hypochondria. Since this is a mental disorder, such a person can begin treatment for a non-existent disease and cause serious damage to the body. And if the disease is still there, it can lose time.

“And the more time a person spends at the computer, checking his symptoms, the more serious harm he will do to himself. The more difficult it will be for him to get out of this state,” the psychologist noted.

News materials cannot be equated with a doctor's prescription. Before making a decision, consult with a specialist.