Tiny robots taught to 'float' around a wound and kill bacteria

This made it possible to heal the woundScientists from the Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia in Barcelona have developed nanobots capable of transporting various drugs or antibiotics through a liquid medium.DiscussTiny robots taught to 'float' around a wound and kill bacteria

Scientists placed a urease mush on the surface of silicon dioxide (silica), thanks to which the particle could move through the liquid. Urease helps convert urea in the body into ammonia and carbon dioxide.

The bot itself is asymmetrically covered with motors. This allowed him to chaotically move away from the starting point, rather than circling around it. As a result, in test tubes with urea, the bots were able to reach speeds of up to 4 micrometers per second.

Nanobots were then loaded with experimental antibiotics to treat infected wounds in mice. Tiny devices were dropped onto one end of the infected wound, where they “floated” around and killed the bacteria.