A powerful solar quake caught on video

Such events are much more powerful than on Earth. NASA's Solar Dynamics Space Observatory (SDO) recorded seismic activity on the Sun. The solar quake passed along with the solar flare on May 10, 2022. Discuss powerful sunquake hit video” Powerful sunquake hit video />

Sunquakes are like earthquakes. During them, seismic tremors penetrate the bowels of the star. Waves can accelerate up to 400 thousand km/h when passing through the Sun and fade away. A typical solar earthquake contains 40,000 times the energy released during the massive 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

The video below shows seismic activity that accompanied an X1.5 class solar flare.

Scientists have added that we are at the beginning of solar cycle 25. That is, the activity of the star is growing. This means that more sunquakes can be expected in the near future.