The scientist evaluated the robots from Star Wars

Explained how they are unrealistic Roboticist Robin Murphy (Robin Murphy) from Texas A & M University published an article in which she analyzed the robots from Star Wars. The scientist believes that these characters turned out to be quite creative, but suggests that they could not compete with the robots that are produced and used in the real world today. DiscussScientist evaluates Star Wars robots

It was about the robot IG-11 from The Mandalorian. The scientist noted that this robot has good visibility due to the rotating head, which allows you to shoot at targets in any direction. However, such a robot is likely to be overly susceptible to co-failure and be burdened with huge computational requirements. Murphy also notes that the robots in the Star Wars films sometimes fail, usually during intense scenes. The researcher wonders why stormtroopers miss their targets so often.

Murphy added that in some ways, droids in Star Wars tend to be far more advanced than robots in the real world, allowing them to perform human-like jobs. At the same time, film producers avoid showing how robots do more mundane work, such as mining. In the real world, it is precisely such time-consuming tasks that are shifted to robots.