How do dragonflies regain their balance when dropped upside down?

AtScientists threw insects many times and realizedThree researchers discovered a way by which dragonflies quickly restore balance from an inverted body position. In their article, the scientists described the experiments they conducted with insects. Discuss upside down” alt=”How dragonflies regain balance when dropped upside down” How dragonflies regain balance when dropped upside down />

Dragonflies are known for their agility in flight, and it was this feature that led the researchers to conduct experiments. They collected the samples and then turned them over and threw them away. They found that all the insects recovered very quickly – so quickly that the researchers could not even follow the action. After that, scientists drew small white dots on the wings and bodies of dragonflies and filmed their fall with a high-speed camera.

How dragonflies regain balance when dropped upside down

It became clear that the dragonfly recovers after falling “upside down” after about 200 ms. The researchers used the video to create a 3D computer model of the insects. The scientists were able to see exactly what the dragonflies were doing as they fell: they swung their left and right wings at slightly different angles, causing their bodies to rotate until they were back in the correct position.

Scientists also learned how dragonflies understand what position they are in. The researchers closed the eyes of the insects and began to shed them again. None of the dragonflies were able to roll over in time. That is, insects rely on sight in their maneuvers.