“Find 10 differences”: Google released an update to the Play Market interface

But not for everyone, Google is testing the Play Market tweak on Android, which allows users to see more information about applications without having to open the full list.Discuss"Find 10 Differences": Google Releases Play Market UI Update

Google Play has long used so-called “carousels”, which display the icon, name and rating of individual applications, which you can see before you start scrolling.

< p class="jsx-4044922054">In the tested design, this feature switched to lists. Icons are a little smaller and Google now displays developer-provided ad text. By clicking on the arrow, you can go to view the full grid.

This visual change is at the top of the marketplace. It doesn't show up on the Games tab or “Books”. This change has not been widely adopted and is not present on all Google accounts, according to 9to5google.