Calculating the “age” of sperm helped in successful conception

However, smoking has a negative effect on this ageA new method for calculating the age of male sperm cells can predict the success and time required for pregnancy, according to a recently published study by scientists from the Wayne State University School of Medicine.DiscussCalculating "age" of sperm helped in successful conception

A study has shown that the epigenetic clock of sperm aging may act as a new biomarker for predicting pregnancy in couples. The results also highlight the importance of the male partner in reproductive success.

Epigenetic sperm aging is biological, not chronological, aging of spermatozoa. The study found that the cumulative likelihood of pregnancy at 12 months was 17% lower in couples in which male partners were in the older versus younger categories of epigenetic sperm aging. The study involved 379 men.

The study also revealed a higher level of epigenetic aging of sperm in male smokers.

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