Artificial tendons help restore motor skills after injuries

And those tendons are built into the exoskeleton. Working closely with therapists, Emovo Care has developed a lightweight and easily attachable hand exoskeleton for people unable to hold objects after a stroke or accident. The device has been successfully tested in several hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Discuss “Artificial tendons helped restore motor skills after injuries” Artificial tendons helped restore motor skills after injuries several rounds of testing in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. The company recently received the European ISO certification required to market its product as a medical device.

Emovo Grasp consists of two patented artificial tendons, similar to thin cables, inserted into a sheath. They are attached along the back of the hand with silicone rings worn on each finger. The motor and remote control, which allows the user to adjust the applied force, are in small separate cases. This design frees up the palm and fingertips to maximize touch input.

Bio-based artificial tendons are similar to the natural muscle and tendon system of the hand. The device never acts on its own – the user is always in control so as not to drop things or grab them at the wrong moment.