When RuTube is fully restored

CEO of RuTube video hosting Alexander Moiseev said that the platform code has already been restored and the site will be launched in full by Monday, May 16. This epic has been going on for five days already.DiscussWhen RuTube will be fully restored

Apparently, the attack took place on May 9th. As representatives of the video hosting itself said, “the service simply retired.” The company believes that the attack was planned specifically to disrupt the broadcast of the Victory Parade. A former employee of the service said that the attackers not only penetrated the system, but also modified the source code of the video service so that it deleted data from the RuTube file storage. Some believe that the hackers had insiders in the company or access to technical documentation and audit data. There were suggestions that RuTube would lose some of its content.

General Director Moiseev said that now 99.5% of the video library and live broadcasts of TV channels are available to users. “Access to the platform services will be opened gradually as video hosting is restored and the corresponding functions are fully protected,” he specified. Moiseev claims that today the following are already available to users: authorization on the site, streams, search, comments, the “To TOP” button.