Study: Overweight people are more likely to be in long-term relationships

At least they are considered as such. Scientists have found that body features can influence plans in the field of romantic relationships. It turned out that people with higher fat levels are more interested in long-term relationships, and thinner people are more interested in short-term flings.DiscussStudy: Fat people are more likely to be in long-term relationships

In progress a study of 295 volunteers reviewed and evaluated four computer-generated male and four female bodies. The bodies had either high or low levels of fat, as well as small or large muscles or breasts. After viewing each image, participants indicated to what extent they thought the person shown was interested in long-term and short-term relationships.

The researchers found that male participants large breasts as being more interested in sexual relationships than women with small breasts. Both men and women rated women with high fat levels as more likely to be in long-term relationships. A similar picture arose in the perception of male bodies.