People who believe in Satan were more prone to hatred of immigrants

This is due to the peculiarities of thinking A new study has shown that belief in supernatural evil is associated with negative attitudes towards immigrants. Scientists suggest that people who believe that there are strict boundaries between the highest good and evil may also see a clear distinction between “their” and “them” people. DiscussPeople who believe in Satan are more likely to hate immigrants

The authors of a new paper suggest that belief in supernatural evil may be the primary mechanism linking religion to views on immigration. Such a belief underlies most of the world's religions, along with a clear division into good and evil. According to scientists, this difference can also extend to the material world, where a clear line is drawn between members of one's own and another's groups. This can then lead to immigrants being demonized and portrayed as a threat to society.

Researchers analyzed data from the Baylor Religion Survey. A total of 1572 responses were collected. The analysis showed a strong positive relationship between belief in supernatural evil and approval of the restriction and control of immigrants.